We produce standard address boards according to our catalogue and according to individual designs prepared by our design team or designs sent by the customer.

Address boards and LED letters

Our address plaques are characterized by durability, simplicity of installation and use of the latest lighting technology not found in this size of plaques (BLACK&WHITE and CHROM&WHITE). The plaque with dusk sensor will automatically turn on and off the LED lighting.

Address boards and letters

We manufacture address boards and letters with the idea of combining maximum legibility with timeless design. We can make our signs from many materials or combinations of materials (aluminium, brushed stainless steel, aluminium composite, wood, Plexiglas and etc.) In addition, our signs can be placed on spacers, achieving a spatial effect.

Sim Szczecin

Cooperating with the City Council of Szczecin, we carry out orders for number/position plates in accordance with the municipal information system of the City of Szczecin.